Hosting OneLoft race just got easier with Pjon OneLoft System!

With hundreds of members and thousands of pigeons, it's no wonder why so many clubs are not hosting One Loft racing.

But now there is an affordable and easy-to-use One-Loft Racing System created by Pjon to give clubs the ability to host and enjoy One Loft Racing.

Why chose Pjon One-Loft Racing System?

  • Transparency
    • Race Results are PUBLIC and can be viewed by ALL loft members
    • Race Entries are also publicly available for ALL members to see
    • Race Schedule details (Release points, release time) are publicly available
  • Easy to use
    • Owner and Pigeon inventory modules allow for easy adding and editing of records
    • Enrollment module supports RFID scans on top of manual encoding
    • Clock results are uploaded in the background so you don't have to
  • No big cash out
    • You don't have to buy the software, you just rent it and use it

So if you want to host your very own One Loft Racing then call us now at +63.999.165.9453"