PJON One Loft Racing System


Desktop apps
  • Pigeon management
  • Pigeon Owner management
  • Race Enrollment
  • Box Client
  • Cloud Transmitter
Web app
  • Loft management
  • Race scheduling
  • View Race Entries
  • View Race Results


The PJON One-Loft System would not be possible without YonaPro

Their excellent BlackBox product really delivered beyond expectation successfully capturing multiple pigeon clocks in one(1) second.

Their attention to quality product and service is one of the reasons why their customers are loyal to them and I've personally seen this dedication to quality during the joint development of One Loft Racing System.

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Check out the web app here and browse the content.

You can use 'demo' as user id and 'demo' as password

Special thanks to:

for their best-selling Black Box!
PJON is honored to have worked with such a great team with great products and dedication to quality.